James Esposito

Qualified Plans Consultant

Library » Profit Sharing Allocation Methods - The Better Part of Discretion

May 13, 2014 | Retirement Plans

Most Profit Sharing/401(k) Plan sponsors have the basic understanding that the plan contributions must not discriminate in favor of the owners and other highly paid participants over non-owners and non-highly paid participants. Many business owners interpret this to mean “I can’t contribute more …

Library » Common Fiduciary Considerations Related to Target Date Options

May 12, 2014 | Retirement Plans

Introduction Given the variety of target date options available in the marketplace today, how does a plan fiduciary determine which family is right for a specific plan? When evaluating target date options, it is important to keep in mind that quantitative factors play an important role. However, …

Library » Why a Coordinated Portfolio Management Structure is Important

April 29, 2014 | Active Management

Portfolio Management Structure refers to the basic issues related to setting up and maintaining an investment portfolio. The key issues to consider when evaluating a portfolio’s management structure include: the mechanism for adjusting the portfolio to fundamental shifts in the market and …

Library » The Importance of Managing Inflation Risk for Long-Term Investors

April 09, 2014 | Active Management

Introduction to Risk Management While risk is often defined by various statistics, the broadest definition of risk to investors is failing to achieve one’s investment objectives. There are three basic portfolio risks that can prevent an investor from reaching his/her goals: Capital Risk—the …

Library » An All-Cap Core Investment Approach

April 08, 2014 | Active Management

What is an All-Cap Core Approach An All-Cap Core investment approach expands equity opportunities to include all levels of market capitalization and the range of style classifications. Rather than a constrained focus on a limited area of the investment universe, an All-Cap Core approach allows …

James Esposito

Qualified Plans Consultant

Library » What is a Cash Balance Plan?

April 03, 2014 | Retirement Plans

Cash Balance Plans have been around for many years, but were fraught with controversy stemming from age-discrimination lawsuits brought against plan sponsors who converted their traditional Defined Benefit (DB) Plans to Cash Balance Plans. It was not until the passage of the Pension Protection …