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Our independent perspective, time-tested investment approach, and depth of experience allow us to pursue each day with an eye toward the future. In an ever-changing world, it’s important to be truly active.


International Small Cap Equities

Small, well-run companies exist all over the world providing investors with dynamic growth potential and attractive investment opportunities. Despite this, international small cap equities remain underinvested and largely overlooked. Investors should view this as an opportunity. We believe there are unique benefits to weigh when considering an allocation to international small cap equities.

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Real Estate Series

A history of low dividend payout ratio, favorable relative yield, and attractive valuations have driven many advisors to consider REITs as a solution that can provide diversification and income generation in today's environment.Watch this Product Spotlight to learn more about our truly active and diversified solution.

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Real Estate Series: Designed to Evolve with the Changing Real Estate Market

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Unconstrained Bond Series

Shifting dynamics in fixed income markets have driven many advisors to look beyond traditional bond solutions in search of flexible options that may better navigate risks and uncover opportunities. Watch this Product Spotlight to learn more about our low-cost, nimble, and experienced nontraditional solution.

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Unconstrained Bond Series: A Modern Fixed Income Solution

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Pro-Blend Maximum Term

In today's environment, it's imperative to manage risk while still seeking to achieve your client’s goals. The Manning & Napier Fund, Inc. Pro-Blend® Maximum Term Series is a truly active, all-weather solution with a 20 year track record. Watch this short video to learn how this solution can be used in client portfolios, as a core equity position.

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Pro-Blend® Maximum Term Series: Risk Management & Flexibility Are Key To Core Equity Investing

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Separately Managed Accounts

Our Separately Managed Accounts provide custom investment solutions for a variety of investors. With a minimum investment of $500,000 for most strategies, we help our clients determine their objectives and select the ideal risk management solution to help meet their needs.

Separate Account Strategies

Mutual Funds

We manage a variety of mutual funds ranging from life cycle funds, to U.S. and non-U.S. stock funds, to taxable and tax-exempt bond funds. Most funds are available in all states with a minimum investment of $2,000.

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Collective Investment Trust Funds

Our risk-based, target date, and asset class collective investment trust funds are designed exclusively for use by qualified employee benefit plans.

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Timely economic commentary

  • August 17, 2018

    Small Business Retirement Plans and Recent Tax Reform

    With the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in December of 2017, business owners may be asking how it might impact a currently sponsored qualified retirement plan, or they may be considering adopting one for the first time. In fact, one of the new tax deductions under TCJA may result in …
  • August 09, 2018

    Why Investors Should Consider a High Yield Bond Allocation

    For the past three decades, bond markets have been on one of the most impressive bull runs in history. In fact, since 1987, bonds have returned 10% or more in 29% of calendar years compared to just 11% of the time between 1926 and 19861. As a result, investors have largely been able to meet their …
  • August 03, 2018

    August 2018 Perspective

    Tech Takes a Beating A number of high-flying tech stocks that drove the market in recent years suffered a series setbacks at the end of the last month. Beginning with a sharp move lower in Netflix shares, the tech sector’s weakness accelerated on July 26 when Facebook suffered the largest one …

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The Disciplined Value Team puts recent market volatility in perspective, provides an update on the economy and equity markets, and offers their insight on what investors may encounter going forward.

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Resources on a variety of current topics

The trends accelerated by the rule's issuance in 2016 are here to stay, regardless of the rule's fate. These industry trends have propelled the opportunity for advisors to promote their professional value in order to capitalize on IRA rollovers.

IRA Advisors’ Fiduciary Handbook

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Retirement Planning: A Guidebook for Future Retirees

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Communicating Steps of a Potential IRA Rollover

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Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs – Frequently Asked Questions

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Exploring IRA Rollovers

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The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule faces an uncertain future, but best practices in financial advising continue to evolve. Check out our resources on how to better understand responsibilities and how to actively manage fiduciary risk.

The Evolutionary Fiduciary

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IRA Advisors’ Fiduciary Handbook

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Cash balance plans are increasingly popular among business owners and professional service clients, offering an attractive tax shelter. We can help you understand the basics, identify strong sponsor profiles, and connect with qualified experts to bring these benefits to your clients.

What is a Cash Balance Plan?

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Investing Cash Balance Plan Assets

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Regulatory FAQs: Cash Balance Plans

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How to Start the Conversation

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Today, if you are not investing in international companies, you may be missing a significant set of opportunities. Taking a truly active approach to global investing can help isolate those companies with the best potential for future success.

A Fresh Look at International Investing

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International Investing: Not as Foreign as You Think

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A large percentage of active managers are, in fact, closet indexers. They simply mimic a passive investment strategy and provide index-like returns, but with higher fees. Truly active managers seek to outperform by managing risk in environments when risk matters most.

Finding a Truly Active Manager

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Are Active Managers Doing Their Job?

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Active vs. Passive Management on Wisdom Wealth Radio


Evaluating the Merits of Active Management

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Although risk measurement tools are broadly used, it is important to use them in the proper context. Understanding the limitations of traditional risk measurement tools is crucial when managing risk in your clients’ portfolios.

Introduction to Risk Management

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Why Managing Capital Risk is Important

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Understanding Reinvestment Rate Risk in Today’s Environment

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The Importance of Managing Inflation Risk for Long-Term Investors

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Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC (Manning & Napier) provides a broad range of investment solutions including separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and collective investment trust funds. For more information about any of the Manning & Napier Fund, Inc. Mutual Fund Series, view the Series' prospectuses. For complete information about each Series or for information on purchasing shares, you may also obtain a prospectus from the Manning & Napier Fund by calling 800-466-3863. Before investing, carefully consider the objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment and read the prospectus carefully as it contains this and other information about the investment company.

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Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC (Manning & Napier) provides investment advisory services to Exeter Trust Company (ETC), Trustee of the Manning & Napier Collective Investment Trust Funds. The Collectives are available only for use within certain qualified employee benefit plans.

The Manning & Napier Fund, Inc. (the Fund) is managed by Manning & Napier. Manning & Napier Investor Services, Inc. (MNBD), an affiliate of Manning & Napier and ETC, is the distributor of the Fund shares.

Mutual Funds and Collective Investment Trust Funds are not available outside of the U.S.

Manning & Napier Investor Services, Inc. (MNBD) is a member of FINRA. The Rainier International Discovery Fund is managed by Rainier Investment Management, LLC, an affiliate of Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC and MNBD.