Webinar for Financial Professionals

Cash Balance Plans and 401(k) Plan Combinations

Aug. 27, 2020

Cash balance plans are the fastest-growing segment of the ERISA-qualified plans marketplace. Employer contributions tend to double when a cash balance plan is adopted alongside an existing 401(k) plan, which allows business owners to improve both their own and their employees’ retirement readiness. This replay will help you understand cash balance plans, which businesses should consider a cash balance plan, how assets should be invested, best practices for marketing, and how Manning & Napier’s solutions can help.

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Dates and Deadlines for Business Owners

What is a Cash Balance Plan?

Profit Sharing Allocation Methods - The Better Part of Discretion

Investing Cash Balance Plan Assets

Education for your clients

Qualified Plans for Owner-Only S-Corporations

Qualified Plans for Owner-Only Businesses

Investing Cash Balance Plan Assets

Cash Balance and 401(k) Combination Plan Design Case Study (Video)

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