Thought-provoking topics & themes influencing today's financial decisions

Menu Design Matters

With additional fiduciary scrutiny and an increase in litigation, it's more important than ever to offer a retirement plan menu that meets the needs of all participants. To be confident in their plan decisions, we believe plan sponsors should design their investment menu based on participant …

The Evolutionary Fiduciary

Recent changes from the Department of Labor are giving many financial professionals added responsibilities to act as ERISA-like fiduciaries. Shelby George, JD, CEBS breaks down the new rule, its three main influencers, and offers advice on how best to evolve in this new environment.

Optimizing Your Cash With a BDIA

Institutions are quickly realizing that this is not the same world it once was - and it's never been more important to develop their cash management strategies.

Exploring Fixed Income's Hidden Risk

For decades, bonds have often been viewed as safe and stable investment options. Today, the environment is changing and traditional fixed income offerings are no longer the “safe” option they were before.

Shedding Some Light on CITs

Early Collective Investment Trust Funds (CITs) were pools of securities, traded manually, and typically valued only once a quarter. Today, there is growing concern over how 401(k) plans are structured and the costs involved. Here we look at some of the myths these investment products still carry …

Demographics: An Essential Element in QDIA Due Diligence

Given the tremendous increase in the number of defaulted participants and resulting asset growth in default investment options, it’s imperative that fiduciaries choose a QDIA solution that is appropriately aligned with the needs of their participant base.

Redefining Participant Education

Clients are looking for financial planners who can help manage current savings and plan for the future. As health care costs consume a larger portion of participants’ retirement savings, a need for a better understanding of the available options has emerged. Our curriculum provides a turn-key …

Disruptive Innovation

This Our View discusses the advantages and perils of disruption and how Manning & Napier perceives both in our efforts to find opportunity and manage risk.

The QDIA Decision

The QDIA Decision, written in collaboration with Fred Reish and Bruce Ashton, will assist fiduciaries in choosing a suitable type of QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternative), as well as an appropriate investment strategy fit, thus fulfilling their obligation under ERISA guidelines for the …