Taft-Hartley Solutions

Investment Solutions for Our Taft-Hartley Partners

At Manning & Napier, our strong and long-standing relationships in the Taft-Hartley community have played a key role in our success. With more than $5 billion in Taft-Hartley assets, a dedicated sales and service team, labor screening investment capabilities, and relationships dating back more than four decades, we are a true partner to our Taft-Hartley clients.

Trades We Service

  • Asbestos Workers
  • Metal Lathers
  • Insulators
  • Roofers
  • Plasterers and Cement Masons
  • Electrical Workers
  • Bricklayers
  • Operating Engineers
  • Iron Workers
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Plumbers and Gasfitters
  • Glaziers and Glassworkers
  • Carpenters
  • Painters and Tapers
  • Laborers
  • Teamsters
  • Police Associations
  • Food and Commercial Workers
  • Cement and Concrete
  • Pipefitters

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More than 50% of our Taft-Hartley investment accounts have been with us for more than ten years

We currently work with more than 200 Taft-Hartley relationships

Our longest current benefit plan relationship is a Taft-Hartley plan that has been working with us since 1971

Our Investment Strategy

Unique investment strategies, including Global Quality and Disciplined Value, are managed to address risks stemming from volatile and uncertain market environments, including sustained bear markets. Through a variety of vehicles such as separate accounts, private funds, mutual funds, and collective investment trust funds (CITs), we offer our market and economic insight to investors across the globe.

In 2007, we developed the Non-U.S. Equity Labor CIT to find diverse investment opportunities which align with the values of the Taft-Hartley community.

Equity Products

  • International Equity
  • Global Equity
  • Quality Equity
  • Disciplined Value
  • Real Estate

Fixed Income Products

  • Taxable Fixed Income
  • Tax-Exempt Fixed Income
  • Global Fixed Income

Multi-Asset Class Products

  • Age-Based
  • Risk-Based
  • Income-Focused
  • ETF-Based

Taft-Hartley Thought Leadership

As a client of Manning & Napier, you can expect a service staff that knows their marketplace, including those opportunities and challenges unique to organized labor. In addition, we provide concise and timely reporting, annual client seminars, in-depth white papers, and speaking engagements on topics that are of special interest to the Taft-Hartley market.

Markets & Economy Blog

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    Foundations, Volume Two

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  • April 18, 2018

    Foundations, Volume One

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  • June 10, 2014

    Revisiting the U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance

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    Will the "Big Crew Change" Be the Catalyst to Decrease the Unemployment Rate?

    It is well known that the recovery of the U.S. labor market has significantly lagged the corporate sector throughout the current economic expansion. The unemployment rate peaked at 10% in October 2009, the highest level since 1982 and the second highest reading since 1954 (Chart 1). While there …

The Taft-Hartley Services Team

We offer a broad range of investment solutions designed and managed to satisfy the many demands of the Taft-Hartley community. Whether it is a defined benefit, defined contribution, health & welfare plan, or some combination of the three, our experienced Taft-Hartley Service Team can help build an investment solution that works best for you.

  • Aaron McGreevy

    Director, Taft-Hartley Services

  • Timothy Willis

    Senior Vice President, Taft-Hartley Services

  • Rich Cartier

    Vice President, Taft-Hartley Services

  • Jaime Mears

    Taft-Hartley Services Supervisor

Unless otherwise noted, all figures are based in USD and are as of 12/31/2016.