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More Than Investment Management

We understand that different organizations face different challenges. Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we have developed a focused set of services that are customized to help your organization meet its financial and philanthropic goals.

Our Endowment & Foundation services provide five pillars of support to help organizations achieve their core charitable and philanthropic missions.

We Believe in Helping Those Who Help Others


James Ebenhoch, Endowment/Foundation Consultant, gives an overview of our services.

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A Robust Servicing Framework

We offer services that align your goals with the right tools to achieve them. From meeting spending needs and evaluating investment options, to fiduciary best practices and fundraising support, Manning & Napier is committed to partnering with your organization to help it achieve its mission.

Fundraising Support

Manning & Napier offers a full spectrum of services that focus on the various stages of fundraising. We can help identify and implement strategies designed to increase funding from current and potential donors.

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Spending Policy Analysis & Design

Our analysis can help your organization evaluate and, if needed, amend its spending policy using forward projections as well as historical market context.

Board & Staff Education

To keep your members involved and engaged, we offer education services that cover a variety of topics and are customized to the sophistication level of your group.

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Portfolio Management

We can help with every aspect of portfolio management for your organization.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our services include meeting with your organization to review a consolidated progress report that assesses how close you are to meeting your fundraising, spending, education, and investment goals.

Thought Leadership

We offer a level of support far beyond investment management that can truly add value to your organization’s efforts by addressing the challenges endowments and foundations face today.

Impact — Helping Endowments & Foundations Succeed

We make your mission our mission, with services like fundraising support, board and staff education, and planned giving solutions. We created this inaugural issue of Impact because we believe in helping those who help others. While we recognize that each organization’s financial situation is complex in its own unique way, we hope you find value in our resources.

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Endowments & Foundations Blog

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The Endowments & Foundations Team

Our team is here to help you take a holistic approach in managing your financial needs. We look forward to discussing how we can help you meet your goals.

  • James Ebenhoch

    Endowment/Foundation Consultant

  • Dana Vosburgh, CFP®

    Managing Director, Advisory Services

  • Nicholas Cintineo, CFA, CIPM®

    Senior Investment Consultant

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