401k Plan Sponsors

A Commitment to Plan Participants

We have extensive experience providing retirement plan investment solutions designed to help participants achieve retirement success. Considered a pioneer of lifecycle investing, we have helped plan participants build and protect retirement wealth for more than four decades. Through our full array of fund offerings, we are committed to achieving a better financial future for plan participants.

QDIA Solutions

Market environments can change dramatically over the length of time that a participant is saving for retirement. Helping protect participant balances in tough times is critical, particularly in the plan’s QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternative), an investment solution that may hold the majority of a participant’s retirement wealth. We believe plan participants benefit from continuous oversight and ongoing portfolio adjustments as market conditions change. Our goal is to maximize outcomes while minimizing risk to help participants meet their retirement savings needs.

Target Date Funds

Manning & Napier employs a non-traditional fund-of-funds structure, investing each of our target date funds in managed portfolios of stocks and bonds. This unique approach ensures coordinated portfolio management decisions.


Risk-Based Funds

If you feel a risk-based QDIA is a more appropriate match for your participant demographics, our options provide participants with an active risk management approach to retirement investing.

Mutual Funds

Learn more about our solutions

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us if you would like to learn more about the retirement plan investment solutions that we offer our institutional clients.

Thought Leadership

Leverage our in-depth research and economic analysis to help address your clients’ most critical concerns.

  • September 14, 2021

    Investments that Chug Along

    It isn’t the flashiest of businesses, but the steady railroad industry keeps on chugging along. We see opportunity in a few of the North American rail operators and lay out our view for how we are thinking about the space.
  • September 08, 2021

    Keeping Tabs on Tax Changes

    The tax code has been through a whirlwind these past few years. We’d forgive our readers if they have a hard time keeping it all straight. To briefly recap, the changes started at the end of 2019 with the passage of the SECURE Act, which changed a number of rules relating to IRAs and …
  • September 01, 2021

    September Perspective

    The Beat Goes On US equities rose again in August with the S&P 500 Index rising 2.9% over the month. The gains extend the equity market’s winning streak up to seven consecutive months. Global markets rose as well with the MSCI All Country World Index rising 2.4% for the month. In fixed income, …
  • August 30, 2021

    Our Perspective on Afghanistan

    The situation in Afghanistan is quickly evolving. As the US Military works to ensure a safe evacuation for as many Americans and Western allies as they can, a stark reality is beginning to set in. The Taliban have taken over, and their rules are now reality for the approximately 40 million people …

Manning & Napier's lifecycle offerings include risk-based mutual funds and collective investment trusts (CIT), the Manning & Napier Fund, Inc. Pro-Blend® Series and  Manning & Napier Pro-Mix® CITs, and target date (age-based) CITs, the Manning & Napier Retirement Target CITs.

Because lifecycle funds invest in both stocks and bonds, the value of your investment will fluctuate in response to stock market movements and changes in interest rates. Investing in lifecycle funds also involves a number of other risks, including issuer-specific risk, foreign investment risk, and small-cap/mid-cap risk as the underlying investments change over time. Investments in options and futures, like all derivatives, can be highly volatile and involve risks in addition to the risks of the underlying instrument on which the derivative is based, such as counterparty, correlation and liquidity risk. Also, the use of leverage increases exposure to the market and may magnify potential losses. Additionally, some target date funds invest in other funds and therefore, may have additional risks associated with the underlying funds. Principal value is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date (the approximate year when an investor plans to stop contributions and start periodic withdrawals).