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Redefining Participant Education

Clients are looking for financial planners who can help manage current savings and plan for the future. As health care costs consume a larger portion of participants’ retirement savings, a need for a better understanding of the available options has emerged. Our curriculum provides a turn-key solution that can be incorporated with other retirement savings education

Qualifying your Plan Sponsors

Determine who is using Consumer-Directed Health Plans

65% of people are better off financially with a consumer-directed health plan and a health savings account (HSA); however, the advantages of this approach are not widely understood.

HSAs can offer participants the opportunity to spend less on insurance premiums, pay only for health care that is used, set money aside for medical expenses, and save money on taxes.

More and more employers are turning to Consumer-Directed Health Plans with HSAs to control their benefits costs—these employers need help communicating the full benefits of an HSA.

Preparing for Your Participant Meeting

Get all the information you need to be well informed and effective

HSA Guidebook for Retirement Plan Advisors »

Retirees say the cost of health care is a top retirement challenge. Learn how together, HSAs and 401(k) plans can help ensure a secure retirement.

HSA Cheat Sheet for Advisors »

HSAs are tax-preferred savings accounts for qualified medical expenses and can be used for current and future health care expenses – even in retirement.

Planning for health care expenses is key to a successful retirement strategy. Watch our video series presented by Shelby George, Senior Vice President, Advisor Services, to learn more about HSAs and how you and your clients can benefit from them.


What is a Health Savings Account?


Health Savings Accounts vs. Flexible Spending Accounts


What a Retirement Plan Advisor Needs to Know

Communicating to Participants

Use these resources to educate, inform, and leave a lasting impression

Download the Presentation to get Started »

Unlocking the Potential of your HSA provides a basic introduction to health savings accounts, demystifies the topic, and demonstrates the potential retirement savings value of a consumer-directed approach to health care.

Benefits Planning Participants Handouts »

Demonstrate how HSAs and 401(k) plans offer distinct advantages to participants and can help meet the challenges of funding a secure retirement.

Unlock the Potential of Your HSA —Infographic »

Most HSA account holders are not aware that the account is a long-term savings vehicle that may be invested. Our infographic explains the investment options that may be available for HSA accounts.