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Disruptive Innovation

Separating the Winners from the Losers

What is Disruptive Innovation?

Although disruption can represent a threat to the status quo, it can also create opportunity. Global markets and economies would not be so dynamic or robust if not for disruptive events and ideas. This series discusses the advantages and perils of disruption and how Manning & Napier perceives both in our efforts to find opportunity and manage risk.


Our Perspective on Disruption


The Impact of Disruption


Risks & Opportunities


The Value of Active Management

Disruptive Innovation Resources

Disruptive Innovation Webinar Replay

In the current growth-starved environment, investment opportunities can be found in disruptive companies that have successfully transformed their respective industries in some way. Portfolio Strategist, Greg Woodard, discusses this investment theme and how truly active management provides the flexibility needed to distinguish between companies that have the potential to succeed and those that may not.


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