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An Essential Element in QDIA Due Diligence

Given the tremendous increase in the number of defaulted participants and resulting asset growth in default investment options, it’s imperative that fiduciaries choose a QDIA solution that is appropriately aligned with the needs of their participant base. Plan demographics can help fiduciaries understand the participants’ needs and ultimately act in their best interest. Today, there is a clear call to action to the industry as a whole. QDIA due diligence practices need to evolve – specifically when evaluating QDIA suitability in light of a plan’s unique demographics.

Demographics should play a more meaningful role in considerations like QDIA type – risk-based or target date – and what is best suited for defaulted participants and the objectives they are trying to achieve.

Introducing QDIASYNCTM

QDIA Sync examines plan-specific aspects, identifies an appropriate QDIA solution, and guides fiduciaries through an analysis of how demographics impact QDIA suitability. Incorporate this custom report as part of your ongoing due diligence to document the unique needs of your plan participants and to help ensure your QDIA decision reflects participants’ best interests.

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