Tom Stedman

Associate Wealth Management Consultant

Financial Planning » Long-Term Care Month: What You Need to Know

November 25, 2020 | Retirement Plans

November is National Long-Term Care Awareness Month. With the holiday season right around the corner and many discussions to be had around the dinner table (or Zoom call) with your loved ones, now is the perfect time to learn about long-term care and begin the conversation with your family. …

Corey Jackson, CLU®, CFP®, ChFC®, CASL®

Senior Wealth Management Consultant

Financial Planning » 3 Ways to Determine How Much Life Insurance You Need

June 28, 2019 | Financial Planning

Life insurance is a financial tool that can help individuals accomplish a variety of financial goals. Most commonly, life insurance provides for dependent family members in case of premature death. Life insurance can also be used to fund certain goals, such as a child or grandchild’s future …

Library » An Introduction to Long-Term Care Insurance

November 18, 2013 | Estate Planning

Long-Term Care As people approach retirement, their insurance needs often change. Whereas earlier they may have focused on life and disability insurance to replace wage income, the need for those types of insurance can diminish as their assets grow. Asset protection may become more important, …