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Social Media Terms & Conditions

Please note that Manning & Napier is not affiliated with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube and has no control over how these and other third-party sites use the information you share. If you participate in these or other social networking sites, you should be familiar with their respective privacy/security policies, be knowledgeable about how account settings work, and be aware of how user information can be displayed and used throughout the site. Please remember for your own security, you should never communicate any personal or account information using these channels.

Manning & Napier reserves the right to remove and moderate comments. We reserve the right to restrict users who don’t follow these guidelines, have online pages containing offensive content or serving as promotional sites, or for any other reason.

Comments and opinions posted by users are the responsibility of the person who posted them. Manning & Napier does not adopt, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others, and such content does not represent the views of Manning & Napier.

If Manning & Napier follows another user this should not be construed as an endorsement of any services, products, guidance, individuals, or points of view.

Manning & Napier is not responsible for the terms of use or privacy or security policies on other websites. For Manning & Napier’s privacy policy click here.

Suggested Guidelines:

  • Contribute to the discussion with information that would be of interest to your peers. Do not post advertisements.
  • Maintain a friendly environment. Do not post inappropriate or offensive material.
  • Do not post personal information; account information; testimonials; investment advice; or recommendations about specific securities, products, or services.


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