More Than Investment Management

At Manning & Napier, we offer retirement plan design and governance services to improve the overall retirement-readiness of both business owners and employees. A comprehensive design and the right set of investments can help business owners lower taxes, protect assets from creditors, and save more for retirement.

We manage over $6 billion defined benefit and approximately $9 billion defined contribution assets

We service more than 200 defined benefit accounts and more than 300 defined contribution accounts

Clientele includes unions, hospital and healthcare networks, and public and private businesses

What is a Qualified Plan?

A qualified plan is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that satisfies ERISA requirements. There are two types of qualified plans, defined benefit and defined contribution. Manning & Napier provides investment solutions as well as value-added services to help you establish a plan design that focuses on the following objectives.

  • Increased Savings for Owners
  • Competitive Benefits for Employees
  • Fiduciary & Governance Risk
  • Asset-Liability Management
  • Objective Setting & Forecasting

Value-Added Services

A qualified retirement plan can provide meaningful benefits to employees while helping employers achieve both personal and company-specific financial goals. Manning & Napier offers the following services in order to align your goals with the right tools to achieve them. A qualified plan allows for even higher maximum contributions and increased design flexibility when paired with a defined contribution plan.

An Experienced Team

Our team will provide plan design consultation for defined benefit and defined contribution plans, including Cash Balance and 401(k) Combination Plan arrangements.

Governance Analysis

Our governance analysis report summarizes a plan’s current governance structure and specifically details the obligations of the various fiduciaries.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our services include meeting to review a comprehensive report that evaluates your plan's progress toward specific goals and objectives.

Plan Design

Our services are designed to complement the services of your Actuarial and Third Party Administration firm. We provide ideas to help create a retirement plan that addresses all of your goals and objectives.

Cash Balance Solutions

We offer a single cash balance investment solution – the Manning & Napier Cash Balance Collective Investment Trust (CIT) Fund. Key benefits include shared fiduciary responsibility and transparent institutional pricing.

Retirement Plan Insights

We offer a level of support far beyond investment management that can truly add value to your efforts.

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The Qualified Retirement Plan Team

Our team is here to create and manage a comprehensive plan that will help you meet your retirement goals while also providing meaningful benefits to your employees.

  • James Esposito,

    Qualified Plans Consultant

  • Valerie Loyet, ASA, EA, FCA, MAAA

    Retirement Plans

  • Mark MacPherson, CFA®, AIF®

    Managing Director, Client Analytics Group

  • Bryan Burdick

    Senior Investment Consultant

Unless otherwise noted, all figures are based in USD and are as of 12/31/2016.

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Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC (Manning & Napier) provides investment advisory services to Exeter Trust Company (ETC), Trustee of the Manning & Napier Collective Investment Trust funds. The Collectives are available only for use within certain qualified employee benefit plans.