Additional Services

Our solutions go beyond just investment products. We offer our clients and partners comprehensive services and expertise in conjunction with separate accounts, private funds, mutual funds, and collective investment trust funds in an effort to provide solutions that drive outcomes.

Meeting client goals is so much more than choosing the right investments.

Endowments & Foundations

We value our clients and recognize that the organizations they are a part of shape and support the communities in which they work and live. We work closely with our clients to offer value-added services to help endowments and foundations better meet their goals and objectives.

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Taft-Hartley Solutions

Taft-Hartley plans face a unique set of challenges. We have a deep understanding of those challenges and offer a broad range of investment solutions designed and managed to satisfy the many demands of the Taft-Hartley community.

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Qualified Plan Design

Many business owners are looking for ways to increase annual tax-favored retirement savings. Qualified plans are a time-honored method of helping businesses address the owners’ goals while providing meaningful benefits to employees, improving competitiveness, and helping shelter assets from creditors.

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Defined Benefit Pension
Plan Services

Pension plans are unique and require investment solutions tailored to their specific plan structure and liability characteristics. We evaluate the key factors that impact your plan and its objectives, and how the plan’s needs may evolve over time. Our valued-added services also include Plan Sponsor education on a variety of topics.

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Trust & Custody Services

Combined with our extensive investment expertise, our affiliate, Exeter Trust Company, provides a suite of institutional custody and trust services. Through our client-centric approach, we are able to simplify our client’s asset administration with tailored solutions.

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