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Risk-Based Funds

Risk-based funds offer plan participants a choice of professionally managed investment objectives that range from fairly aggressive to fairly conservative. Participants choose the investment objective that best matches their current risk tolerance and investment time horizon. As their personal situation changes over the years, the participant decides when and if they are ready to move to a more conservative objective.

Investor Time Horizon for Lifestyle Funds

Professional Asset Allocation with Flexibility

Each risk-based fund is a fully diversified mix of stocks and bonds that is actively managed to a different investment objective, time horizon and risk tolerance. Our full range of investment objectives provides professional management solutions that can satisfy participants at various life stages and with diverse retirement investment needs. Participants can take advantage of professional management of their portfolio and still have the flexibility to adjust their investment objective as their personal investment goals change over time.

Active Risk Management

Our investment professionals actively manage the asset allocation and security selection within an established equity range for each investment objective as market and/or economic conditions change. While each market cycle is unique, in general a full market cycle includes periods of declines, recovery, and incremental growth. Having an active investment approach is key to managing risk as environments change. Our dynamic flexibility and focus on achieving our clients’ objectives mean that we are selective about opportunities and we adjust the portfolio in an effort to avoid areas of risk.

Plan Sponsor Flexibility

We offer our coordinated family of risk-based investment objectives through affiliate collective investment trust funds and proprietary mutual funds. Our funds are managed using the same time-tested, disciplined process. The funds trade through the NSCC and are available through a number of 401(k) service providers, giving plan sponsors the flexibility to choose the investment vehicle that works best for their plan and their participants’ needs.