Managing Your Legacy

Managing your financial assets to best serve your retirement, philanthropic, and wealth transfer goals can be a complex and daunting task. Exeter Trust Company, combined with Manning & Napier’s extensive investment expertise, provides a comprehensive fiduciary solution to build, invest, and manage your assets.

Let Us Earn Your Trust

We are large enough to offer the range of financial services you need, yet small enough to provide the personalized and confidential service you deserve.

We pride ourselves on a relationship-driven approach to ensure that we are the best possible stewards of your wealth.

About Exeter Trust Company

Learn how working with our dedicated team provides one, simple integrated solution to help meet your specific needs.

Our Services

We serve the trust and custody needs of individuals, families, and charitable organizations, and we welcome the opportunity to work with your trusted advisors.

Discretionary Trustee & Agent for Trustee Services

  • Trusteeships Under Trust Agreements
  • Trusts Under Will
  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Credit Shelter and Marital Trusts
  • Grantor-Retained Annuity,
    Income, & Unitrusts

Investment Management

  • Separate Account Management
  • Customized Blends of Securities
  • Proprietary Mutual Funds

Custody Services

  • Safekeeping of Client Portfolios
  • Account Maintenance and Recordkeeping
  • Daily Reconciliation
  • Daily Cash Deposits into Money Market Funds
  • Monthly Statements

Thought Leadership

Access our comprehensive collection of investment insights, which are available to help you learn more about a variety of topics.

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Trusteed IRA: Ensuring Your Legacy Lives On

Featuring Leslie Rector, Vice President and Trust Officer

Our Trusteed IRA is designed to go beyond retirement savings to offer a simple, smart solution to your estate planning needs.

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Featured Articles

November 21, 2016

Tax Planning for the Trump Era

President-elect Donald Trump's victory, along with Republicans maintaining majorities in Congress, has taken many by surprise. While some segments of the broad U.S. stock market reacted favorably to the election results (e.g., Financials and Industrials), other segments did not (e.g., Utilities and Consumer Staples). It's quite possible that a certain level of uncertainty and volatility will continue as the new administration takes shape...

November 10, 2016

Comparing IRAs: Trusteed and Traditional

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a great way to save for retirement and accumulate wealth. However, when it comes to preserving your legacy and passing on your wealth to future generations the way you wish, there are options to consider.

September 19, 2016

Let your Legacy Live On With a Trusteed IRA

Many individuals have the enviable burden of owning a significantly large Individual Retirement Account (IRA). They want to have those assets available for the well-being and financial security of their loved ones even after they have passed away.

June 23, 2016

Three Essential Components of a Family Wealth Succession Plan

Preparing for a successful wealth transfer should not only incorporate a plan for what will happen to the wealth, but also for who will acquire and, ultimately, manage the wealth. Learn more about the three essential elements of family wealth succession planning we believe can help set the next generations up for success.

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Our Team

Our committed team averages 16 years experience in the financial services industry. Staff credentials include, but are not limited to, JD, CTFA, and trust tax specialist.

  • Megan Henry

    President of Exeter
    Trust Company

  • Veronica Van Nest, JD

    Vice President and
    Trust Officer

  • Leslie Rector

    Vice President and
    Trust Officer

  • Jon Lindboom

    Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer

  • David Orthner

    Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer

  • John Hughes

    Trust Administrator

  • Katherine Wolf

    Senior Account Administrator

Manning & Napier Advisors, LLC (Manning & Napier) provides investment advisory services to Exeter Trust Company (ETC).

Certain account minimums may apply to be eligible for Exeter Trust & Custody services.