Managed ETF Portfolio – Long-Term Growth   


Investment Objective

To provide long-term capital growth and the secondary goal of dampening year-to-year volatility.

The investment minimum for Managed ETF Portfolio – Long-Term Growth is $250,000.

Investment Team

The portfolio is managed by a team of research professionals whose key members average over years with the firm and determine which securities are purchased for the portfolio.

Investment Process

The portfolio takes a tactical asset allocation approach towards portfolio management. In managing the portfolio, a “top-down” macroeconomic approach is used to identify areas of opportunity and risk. The portfolio’s asset allocation is then actively adjusted as the market environment changes. Using a variety of indicators, the management team makes broad strategic stock/bond asset allocation decisions as well as more specific asset class, sector, region, or country allocation decisions based on assumed risk regimes. Once the desired asset class mix is determined, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are selected based on desired market exposure, structure, and fees to achieve the target asset allocation. The result is a globally diversified, actively-allocated multi-asset class portfolio of ETFs.


Equity Range

30% - 80% Equities

Annualized Performance 1
(as of 06/30/2017)

One Year (07/01/2016 - 06/30/2017) 8.66%
Five Year (07/01/2012 - 06/30/2017) 6.65%
Inception (02/01/2010 - 06/30/2017) 7.26%


The Manning & Napier Managed ETF Portfolio – Long-Term Growth (formerly known as Global Tactical Allocation Portfolio Long-Term Growth) Composite is a weighted average of discretionary separately managed accounts within the Managed ETF Portfolio – Long-Term Growth objective. Accounts in this composite must have a market value greater than $100,000 and tenure of at least one month under our management. Managed ETF Portfolio – Long-Term Growth is a blended investment objective that invests in exchange-traded funds, primarily U.S. equity with some non-U.S. equity, and fixed income securities. The primary investment objective of accounts in this composite is long-term growth, and the secondary objective is preservation of capital. Equity exposure for accounts in this composite typically ranges from 30% to 80% with situational adjustments within this range at our discretion. Net-of-fee returns are calculated based off of the effective fees of the accounts in the composite. They are after brokerage commissions, reinvested income, and advisory fees, but if applicable, before custodian costs and the fees of the investor’s Personal Financial Advisor. Also, accounts subject to solicitation fees may incur as much as 0.15% in additional expenses. Fees will vary with size and circumstances and these fee differentials would impact returns accordingly. Past performance does not guarantee future results. As of this composite was comprised of accounts totaling over All data are subject to revision.

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