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The Manning & Napier Global Equity Inflation Focused Composite is comprised of discretionary separately managed and proprietary mutual fund accounts with a Global Equity Inflation Focused objective. Accounts in this composite must have a market value greater than $1 million and tenure of at least one month under our management. This composite includes accounts not invested in proprietary mutual funds. The investment objective of accounts in this composite is to maximize returns and protect against the risk of rising inflation over the long-term through consistent participation in both U.S. and non-U.S. equities and other equity instruments. Manning & Napier will typically have at least 70% of the portfolio invested in equities, without restriction for the domicile of the companies. These equity investments may be chosen from a broad range of markets, with securities selected opportunistically rather than to conform to the exposures of any index or indexes. Fixed income and other securities may be used as deemed appropriate to pursue the investment objectives of the portfolio. Net-of-fee returns are calculated based off of the effective fees of the accounts in the composite. They are after brokerage commissions, reinvested income, and advisory fees, but if applicable, before custodian costs and the fees of the investor’s Personal Financial Advisor. Also, accounts subject to solicitation fees may incur as much as 0.15% in additional expenses. Fees will vary with size and circumstances and these fee differentials would impact returns accordingly. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Portfolios in this composite may use forward currency contracts to attempt to hedge against the effects of currency rate fluctuations. Such contracts never exceed 50% of the portfolio and are only used when there is a high probability of a significant adverse movement of a currency. All data are subject to revision.

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