Multi-Manager Conservative Growth   


Investment Objective

To manage against capital risk by reducing year-to-year volatility. The secondary objective is capital growth.

The minimum investment for Multi-Manager Conservative Growth is $5 million.

Investment Team

Our multiple manager portfolios combine an allocation to one of Manning & Napier’s investment strategies with exposure to several unaffiliated investment managers. The Client Analytics Group is responsible for selecting and monitoring the unaffiliated investment managers employed within our multiple manager approach, and consists of investment manager analysts.

Manager Selection Process

Manning & Napier is responsible for the selection and ongoing review of the portfolio’s unaffiliated, specialty asset class managers. Investment managers must be evaluated on how well they will be able to fulfill a specific role going forward. That is, the criteria to evaluate managers should relate not just to the value added by the manager in the past, but evidence that the manager will continue to successfully execute this role going forward. The following criteria are used by Manning & Napier in selecting and monitoring all asset class roles established in the portfolio:

  • Consistency with Objectives
  • Manager Experience and Stability
  • Performance Over a Full Range of Market Environments


Equity Range

15% - 35% Equities

Manager Allocation

Manager Role Target Allocation
Active Asset Allocation 40%
Core Fixed Income 50%
Core (Large Cap) Stock 10%

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