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Target Date Funds

Target Date funds offer plan participants a professionally managed investment based on their anticipated retirement date. Participants make one investment decision ― they choose the Target Date fund with the date closest to the year they expect to retire.

Professional Management with Retirement in Mind

Each Target Date fund is a fully diversified mix of investments that automatically adjusts to meet the changing risk/return objectives of the investor over the investment time horizon. The asset allocation within each Target Date fund automatically becomes more conservative over time based on the asset allocation glide path constructed by Manning & Napier.

Manning & Napier Dynamic GlideRange

Dynamic Glide Range & Active Risk Management

In addition to becoming more conservative over time, each Target Date fund is actively managed by Manning & Napier based on changing market conditions. This dynamic asset allocation approach means that each Target Date fund's asset allocation is dependent not only on time until the target date, but also takes into account current market risk that can derail a successful retirement. Our proactive approach balances the risk in the prevailing environment against a participant’s need for long-term growth to potentially address a wide range of participant objectives across various time horizons and market environments. Our multi-factor glide path, also known as the Manning & Napier Glide Range, is designed to meet participants' goals at and beyond their retirement date; however, it is important to note that principal value is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date.

Plan Sponsor Flexibility

Manning & Napier offers a coordinated family of Target Date funds through affiliate collective investment trust funds and proprietary mutual funds. Our collective investment trust funds and mutual funds are managed using the same time-tested, disciplined process. The funds trade through the NSCC and are available through a number of 401(k) service providers, giving you the flexibility to choose the investment vehicle that works best for your plan and your participants' needs.